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Vintage Vespa Rentals for Special Events, Film and Photo pro

About Our Vintage 1960's Vespas

Palm Springs Vintage Vespa, Film/Video/Photo vintage vespa rentals

Our vintage Vespas are real vintage 1960's models, fully restored, and they all have custom sidecars! Their year models range from 1966, through 1968.

We have in the past rented these, but reality is, that few people today have the knowledge required to ride one, so we no longer offer them as daily rentals. They are tricky to ride, including kick-start, a clutch-lever and 4-speed manual transmissions operated from the left handle bar, etc. etc.  They do absolutely require real knowledge, and more importantly, a feel for how they actually work, as they are truly "old school", and a bit fragile by today's standards.  

The sidecars, are not original to these Vespas, they are actually hand-made out of steel for each of our Vespas, to complement the 60's look.  They do make these Vespa a bit more quirky to maneuver at times. But, we love the look of them, and they certainly draw attention!

Whenever we take one out for ride, people stare, and lots of people give you the thumbs up. We can't count the number of people that have wanted to take pictures with them.  They just make you, and everybody around you, smile. So yes, they certainly do draw attention wherever they are!

So, these Vintage Vespas are available to rent for Film and Video productions, Photo Shoots (like fashion or lifestyle productions) and promotional stationary type displays like; 

  •  Mid-Century Modern, Weddings, Corporate,   or other Special Events
  •  Resorts/Hotel Lobby's, Conventions, 
  •  Restaurant prop
  •  Retail Store Window display
  •  Photo-booth prop
  •  Film/video/photo productions
  • Theme party props

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